Edward Mack
I consider myself a pretty good 'home' chef, so I do not get too excited (often) about going out to breakfast. The exception would be Bette's Oceanview diner. I live over 1 hour away and it is worth the drive to experience their food, and I'm not a fan of driving. I am very picky about my eggs, they must scrambled properly, or I just won't even touch them. Bette's does scrambled eggs that are on another level from anything that you have had before. I got the simple 2 egg breakfast, with potatoes, bacon and toast. It was soo good that I wanted to order a 2nd breakfast. This was my 3rd trip here and it's been several years since I last visited. I will NOT wait that long to visit again,
Sandwiches were a bit smaller than expected but super tasty (ruben and cuban). Empanadas are 10/10, the pastry was flaky and buttery, the filling was satisfyingly meaty. They were delicious even though I was too lazy to reheat, imagine empanadas from the oven! Heaven. I will go back specifically for the empanadas.
Shelby Stamets
Excellent service!!! Despite crazy Covid times, they sat us quickly (group of 6) outside and were professional and timely service. Food was excellent and I felt bad we came close to closing time yet they still provided an excellent service. I could tell one of our servers was burnt out and honestly I just felt empathy for dealing with the public right now. My meal was the herb butter California dish-highly recommend very filling.
Kyle Kushman
Just had THE BEST Corned Beef Hash. Wife's breakfast of ham and eggs was total YUM as well...👊💚👊
Melissa Ng
I really enjoyed late breakfast at Bette's. We arrived around 10:40 am and did not wait long for an outdoor dining seat. It took a few minutes for one of the tables to be cleared. We ordered the Maryland Breakfast with a scone, seasonal fruit (peach and cranberry) souffle pancake, caffe mocha and hot chocolate. The Maryland Breakfast was delicious! Poached eggs were great and the corned beef hash had a nice crisp on the edges. The souffle pancake was light, airy and looks quite large. Service was timely and courteous. I will definitely come back!
W. White
WONDERFUL food and atmosphere. I wish that I could eat here every morning. Oh...the baked goods next door are wonderful also. We had two daily specials during our visit "Cornmeal Pancakes" and "Pear-Rassbery Quiche". We are looking forward to returning visits to Oakland and eating here again.
Julián Niño
We tried the special baked pancake, a chicken sandwich, and the Californian eggs. Whilst the pancake and the eggs were absolutely amazing, I would say the sandwich was ok. Service was good and fast. However, this place is always packed, so be prepared to wait in line before being seated. Nevertheless, the wait is definitely worth it. The baked pancake is special: big, plain flavors (for me that’s a plus), and very spongy. The potato’s and the bread flavor in the Californian breakfast were scrumptious!